Stress Resilience

Stress Resilience

Less Stress More Flow at Work

powerful interactive workshop

with practical stress management on the go tools

Manage Stress Effectively

To maintain balance both at work and in life

Stress Resilience Masterclass – 4 hour workshop

This interactive, experiential workshop helps participants learn how to manage negative stress by bringing awareness to their stress response and addressing contributing lifestyle factors.

We are committed to helping employees take ownership of their own wellbeing and be able to re-design their lives from the inside out. whole life approach and we are all interconnected.

This workshop is designed to increase self awareness and improve emotional resilience through an internal process of intentionally mastering thoughts, emotions and communication resulting in the ability to interrupt the negative stress cycle, deal effectively with conflict and avoiding burnout. Employees learn evidence-based tools and practices that enable them to feel less stressed, be more productive and feel more fulfilled in their role.

It does this using a whole life, mind-body approach including mindset, lifestyle, self care, breath work, sleep hygiene, movement, meditation, mindfulness, emotional freedom techniques and more for overall resilience, wellness and vitality.

Participants also build a personalised plan in the workshop that maps out their new way forward.

Stress Management training

In this workshop you will gain:

  • An ability to interrupt the negative stress cycle
  • Access to ‘on the go’ tools for bringing you back to balance
  • Enhanced ability to stay focused and productive
  • Increased ability to deal powerfully with daily challenges and overwhelm
  • Increased wellbeing and vitality

Course Details

  • 4 hour workshop
  • Includes: workbook
  • Action plan to integrate sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Support and followup
Class in action for stress management training
Achieving your goals with managing your stress


  • Understanding the stress response and how it shows up for you and others
  • Mind/body connection and physiological and everyday lifestyle strategies to manage stress
  • Sleep, diet, hydration, movement, exercise and their positive effects on stress
  • Harnessing the power of mindset-thoughts and language patterns for emotions resilience.
  • On the go tools that are quick and can used anywhere, anytime to switch off the fight, flight response and bring you back to balance.
  • Breathwork, mindfulness, mental rehearsal, meditation and emotional freedom technique.

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