About Sue

Sue is a trainer and consultant in workplace workshops. She is a qualified NCS consultant, mindfulness and meditation leader, HeartMath NCS certified and Certified EFT practitioner specialising in practical everyday stress management techniques. Sue became a Certified NCS consultant because she loves to transform businesses into thriving cultures where the individuals within them reach their full potential, live their best life and contribute positively.

Sue Bromley - Australian Dr Joe Dispenza Corporate Consultant

My Passion

My passion is to support individuals, teams and organisations to develop the skills and tools that will enable profound transformations.

Sue guides participants in creating sustainable change and wellbeing in the workplace and brings her knowledge of change based in neuroscience, health, nutrition, lifestyle and Mindfulness and Meditation.


Dr Joe Dispenza Presenting to an audience

Dr Joe Dispenza is a 4 times New York Times best selling author, researcher, lecturer, speaker and hold retreats all around he world.  Based on 30 years of studying the neuroscience behind change he developed the powerful corporate program “Change Your Mind…Create New Results”.

NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) Consultant

As a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) consultant Sue is part of a global network of corporate consultants trained by Dr Joe Dispenza. Sue teaches organisations how to apply the neuroscience of change to:


  • Increase employee engagement and collaboration
  • Productivity and ultimately business
  • The Change Your Mind Create New Results workshop teaches you how to use your brain in a focused and more conscious way.
  • Participants report experiencing significant changes in perception, perspectives and possibilities that translate to increased performance and positive organisational and individual change.



  • Certified NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) Consultant
  • HeartMath NCS certified
  • Mindfulness and meditation leader
  • Emotional Freedom Technique certified practitioner
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