Sue Bromley from Work Culture Club – A Dr Joe Dispenza corporate consultant

Work and Life by Your Design

Workplace training to increase your personal and professional performance and create a thriving culture


Do you want an effective high performing team and happy healthy employees?

Days per year lost each year through workplace stress

Million paid in workers compensation for work related mental health conditions

What we do

Work Culture Club provides workplace training specialising in change for personal and professional and team effectiveness, stress management, mental and physical optimisation.  

Our vision is to maximise human potential starting from within, creating the best version of ourselves and transforming workplaces into productive, collaborative and joyful cultures.

Benefits of Work Culture Club Training with Sue Bromley

How we do it

rewire your brain with Work Culture Club programs


Work Culture Club uses the latest evidence based tools and strategies to transform how people think, act and relate to one another.

The tools are based in science but are practical to implement.



Change Your Mind Create New Results – Dr Joe Dispenza’s corporate program

Change Your Mind….

              Create New Results

Increase your personal and professional performance with this groundbreaking program based in neuroscience and developed by Dr Joe Dispenza.

Imagine re-wiring your brain to become more:

  • Creative, less rigid
  • Trusting, less fearful
  • Resilience, less stressful
  • Productive, less distracted
  • Customer centric, less function focused
  • Open to new ideas, less stuck in the past

Stress Resilience Masterclass

Creating  Resilient Workplaces

Using cutting edge and evidence based tools… this 4 hour interactive and experiential workshop helps participants manage their stress response using a whole life, mind body approach including mindset, physical wellbeing, breath-work, mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Technique


Lady coping with demands as a result of a stress resilience masterclass at WCC
Mindfulness for Productivity

Mindfulness for Productivity

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us upgrade our inner technology, the mind – to keep up with the demands of our increasingly complex world.

Performance and Productivity in the workplace is increased when staff are focused, able to listen and communicate effectively, become more efficient and generally get along with their co-workers.

A happier disposition creates a happier workplace environment.


Prior to this course, I often found it challenging to express my opinions authentically in the workplace. I now understand that our automatic thought patterns make us think, behave and see things in a fixed way. Through practicing the simple, effective tools I am now able to catch myself when I hold back and I am also better able to understand others. Sue was clear and knowledgeable and created a comfortable space for sharing.


I like the presentation style and I liked how everything was linked back to results of surveys and research. I appreciated that the presenters brought together all of the best information so I don’t have to go look for it!



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