Mindfulness for Productivity

Mindfulness for Productivity

Fitness for the Mind

Experiencial workshop

with practical on the go mindfulness techniques

Experience Many Mindfulness Technique

So you can customise what suits you 

Mindfulness for Productivity – 3.5 hour workshop

Mindfulness for Productivity program guides participants through all the ways to be bmindful and create more flow in their personal and professional lives.

They are exposed to different ways to be more mindful so they can choose what works for them and what fits into their daily lives.

Several different techniques are experienced so participants can find what will work for them

In this workshop you will gain

    • Enhanced ability to stay focused and productive
    • Greater access to creativity and a state of flow in your life
    • Less stress and more enhanced empathy and harmonious relationships
    • Better collaboration and team cohesiveness 

    Course Details



    • 3.5 hour workshop
    • Can be delivered in 5 x 45 minute sessions
    • Handouts summarising key techniques to integrate practices into your life
    • Individual or group coaching sessions are also available



    • What is Mindfulness and its evidence-based benefits for your life
    • Simple and powerful ways to incorporate it into your daily life
    • On the go techniques that take very little time
    • Several different techniques so participants can find what will work for them
    • How to slow down to speed up
    • All the different types of meditation and experience a mini guided meditation in the workshop

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