Living in creation

So think about the state of creation as the opposite to the state of survival, or living in a state of emergency or stress.

Instead of tapping all your bodys response and energy in response to a threat (real or imagined) you’re actually doing the reverse.   When you are in the creative state you take all of your attention off your environment.  You dont think about your problems in your life, you aren’t concerned about what your boss or your problems with your co-worker.

So this energy now then is freed up and more energy is available for growth and creativity.

When you are focused and completely paying attention to what you are doing, a shift takes place in your brain and you become so present with what you are doing that you are outside of those programs.  You are completely in the now or in the unknown.  

This is where you see possibilities and you can achieve creation and flow in your life at work and in your personal life.

How do we tap into this creative state

We at NeuroChangeSolutions have a formula for living in creation instead of living in survival.   But it takes intention and attention to do this.   Its simple but not easy, if it was easy everyone would be doing it and they are not.  But with practice it’s achievable.  It involves being in the unknown, because as Dr Joe says, nothing new can come from the known, because it’s already known.  You must step into the unknown and thats going to feel uncomfortable.